Brian Stacey Professional Development Awards 2018

We are delighted to announce our extraordinary Brian Stacey Professional Development Awards 2018 to Christopher Dragon ($5,000) and Natalia Raspopova ($2,500). Thanks to the massive success of our final Stacey Night celebration in Oct 2016, we were able to support a couple more worthy emerging Australian conductors as a parting final gesture after 22 years, fanning the flames our Stacey’s amazing legacy.

Christopher’s acceptance quote August 2018:

‘For over 20 years the Brian Stacey Memorial Trust has played an integral role in the support of Australian conductors and I am deeply grateful to be one of their final recipients. I am beyond thrilled to be presented the Brian Stacey Professional Development Award and join their alumni of illustrious conductors.’

Natalia’s acceptance quote August 2018:

‘I am deeply honoured by the support received from the Stacey Trust in my future
career growth as a conductor.  The Brian Stacey Professional Development Award
will enable me to further my skills in symphonic and operatic conducting!
It is an amazing legacy which Brian Stacey Trust has created over the years for
emerging Australian conductors. I am most humbled to be on the list of recipients of this award amongst some of the very finest talent this country has to offer!’